Survivor Party Ideas for Kids

A theme party based on the Survivor TV show is a great experience for kids of all ages.  Parents who are up for a challenge can put together ideas from many free sources, or can spend a few dollars to buy complete plans.  Many sites have ideas for survivor challenges and contests, survivor invitations, survivor recipes and survivor decorations.

  1. Read some of the information websites. 
    • eHow articles - eHow is an articles submission site where authors of all kinds submit their "how to" articles.  eHow contains articles for both kids and adult parties.
    • Associated Content, a Yahoo service, has really brief articles that are great for helping you to get thinking about how your event will come together.
  2. Check out the prepackaged party plans.
    • Chase Games (okay, we're biased) has an inexpensive full-party plan.  You can look at sample documents here.  This site is brought to you by Chase Games in the hopes that you find that our product is right for your needs.
    • has been on the web since 2008 offering a complete plan.  The quality of their product likely matches the quality of their site.
    • Birthdaypartygameslady costs a little more but clearly a lot of thought went into their product.  The only caveat is that they say, "Beyond the name, the party bears little resemblance to the show."
  3. Surf for ideas to make your own plan.   
    • Fun-theme-party-ideas has a great article with numerous links to sites that supply survivor music, invitations, and other party supplies.
    • Birthdaypartyideas is a site that allows contributors to describe their experiences running their own parties.  Lots of creative ideas here if you are willing to wade through the huge number of submissions. 
    • Party411 has a limited amount of information but it is all free and there are some useful links to other sites.
Good luck with your planning!  Remember that your production crew is a lot smaller than they have on TV and you can't vote kids out of the party.  Be sure to consider how to keep the party authentic and keep the kids engaged throughout.

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